"....a jewel for our times...." Review of CANTO from StandOut Magazine Italy
March 3, 2016

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Daniela Canto - StandOut Magazine IT - REVIEW
March 2/2016

Current international discographies can be filled with too many cover albums which are similar to dishes which lack interesting elements, tastes and spices. Like the traditional Bagna Cauda of the Piedmonte region, instead of using truffles, garlic, anchioves, stale and inappropriate items are used. A covers album can be a cobweb where it becomes very easy to get lost in the creation of it. (“Amore e Furto” as an example by DeGregori, that leaves one with doubt).

But the Canadian Daniela Nardi exercises her tremendous skill in interpreting 10 sublime and timeless songs of some of Italy’s greatest jazz and pop composers, largely unknown to North American audiences. And this is the intent of this artist: to showcase these musical gems which date back to her Italian origins.

The album has a winning ensemble of musicians thanks to the producer and composer Antonio Fresa and the exceptional musicians, Fabrizio Bosso, Ron Davis, Mike Downes and Gabriele Mirabassi - to name a few. This album shows its pride without ever being too much and just hovering on this side of politeness. The selection of songs are steeped in elegance and help return the true meaning of the abused word “homage” back to excellence.

“Senza Paura” originally done by Ornella Vanoni and the unique voice of Meg, is showcased here on Canto with such a timeless beauty. “Giudizi Universali” has an intoxicating chill out feel and the translation of “A Story Gone Wrong (Una Storia Sbagliata)” relives the tragedy of Pasolini carved in the hearts originally by Fabrizio DeAndre.

Similar to Noa’s “Noaopolis”, “Canto” is not a marketing exercise. It is a real beating heart that lays bare the feelings of all these songs and how brilliant Nardi’s “The Rose Tattoo” indicates to us an artist to watch for her eclectic skills and talents.

Rating: 9/10

Review by Captiano Aldo for StandOut Magazine Italy…..