*****5 Stars: Very playful, poised, vivacious, sexy and suave, making for a worldly and incredible raw human performance that transcended culture.
August 24, 2016
--BroadwayBaby (UK)
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When I listened to your version of “Una Storia Sbagliata” for the very first time, I was immediately touched by your sweet and intimate interpretation
August 24, 2016
­­--Dori Ghezzi (wife of the late Fabrizio DeAndre, her thoughts on the interpretation of “A Story Gone Wrong”, translation of DeAndre’s “Una Storia Sbagliata”)... read all

An Italo­Canadese jazz­pop icon, Nardi clearly proves this on “Canto”....absolutely intoxicating
August 24, 2016
--AmericaOggi NYC (USA)

Incredible sonorities, of first order arrangements and much groove....we recommend listening at repeated and loud volumes
August 24, 2016
--MarieClaire (Italy)

There is some music that makes us stop in our tracks and say wow, this is really good, why isn’t it more known?
August 24, 2016
--Musica 361 (Italy)... read all
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