Canto can have that magical effect on a listener – even one who cannot really follow Italian
February 8, 2016
That Toronto has been brimming with musical talent has been the city’s worst-kept secret. The malaise that has affected the arts in the face of sports madness is yet another reason why the most magical artists the city has pass like ghostly ships in the night. It is not an anomaly; it’s just a kind of apathy for the beauty of art that exists in a beautiful city that the entertainment of the night – any night – is consumed and ruled by Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment and the Blue Jays in fall, winter and summer. The legend of those sports teams gobbles up money – and in a twist of conspiracy theories all my own – and most of the government money as well, leaving the arts scene strangled and suffering. That such beauty in artistry should survive in Jane Bunnett, Hilario Durán, Michael Occhipinti, Emilie-Claire Barlow and – among a long list of artists that include Daniela Nardi is, indeed a minor miracle.

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....With enviable ease, Nardi and her musicians supercede genres and style borders, combining cabaret, pop, jazz, romance and world music....
March 17, 2014
Those who attended the March 3rd concert at Tchaikovsky Concert Hall had a chance to listen to some Canadian Jazz, something which Muscovites know very little about. If they do, they only perceive it in more of a general, stereotypical context of North American that is, purely American Jazz.

Moscow Philharmonic Society invited Toronto Jazz diva Daniela Nardi to present her program which certainly impressed, was original, sincere and warm.
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Canadian Jazz with an Italian Soul....
March 9, 2014
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....satisfying those who both understand Italian and those who appreciate good world music...
December 11, 2012
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...Stellar...wonderfully atmospheric ¦infectious...fiery ¦.shimmering ¦the sensuousness of Sophia Loren blended with the earthiness of Anna Magnani¦
December 11, 2012
JazzTimes - November 2012... read all
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