Veritable tour de force, Daniela Nardi nous fait revivre la esprit Conte, avec tendresse - 4.5 stars out of 5
July 30, 2012
English Translation:
Three dashes of Italy, one holiday break, and all Paolo Conte music. Toronto singer Daniela Nardi has achieved a veritable tour de force with this new recording, which is true to the spirit of Conte, despite reworking his major compositions. Espresso Manifesto is both a sly wink and a homage to a great singer, who has coupled poetry and jazz throughout his career.

Surrounded by impressive names like Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet), Ron Davis (piano / organ), Luciano Biondini (accordion), Daniela Nardi brings to life the spirit of Conte, with tenderness and a slight hint of insouciance, all of which is steeped in a modern sensibility . It may be a summer album, but it is one that well suits all seasons.
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