Canadian Jazz with an Italian Soul....
March 9, 2014
(translated from original)

(TVKultura News - March 2014 - Moscow, RU)

Canadian Jazz with an Italian soul. Jazz vocalist Daniela Nardi demonstrated to the Moscow audience her love and admiration for the famous Italian pianist/composer Paolo Conte. Nardis project Espresso Manifesto was presented at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall Only Jazz series. She speaks with TVKultura News.

Before going on stage, there was a crash course in the Russian language but Nardi speaks English and Italian fluently. I only know a few words in Russian, some I especially wanted to remember for this concert, Nardi says. I am very delighted to be here in Russia, this is my first time. This is an amazing concert hall and I am thrilled to have the chance to perform here.

Joining Nardi in the band is, Ukraine born, clarinetist Alexander Boychuk. He studied music in Moscow but is now living in Canada and has been working with Daniela for more than 10 years.

The clarinet is not often used in jazz but those that are present in the genre require a special attention and patience, says Boychuk.

Considering the strong kinship that the musicians in Espresso Manifesto have, no real patience is required.

If someone told me that I would be performing with my wife and that my wife is Daniela Nardi, I never would have believed it, says pianist Ron Davis. But when we began to play together, I understood that it was completely meant to be. I am captivated by her charm and her talent is truly a force

Nardi has presented Espresso Manifesto in both America and Europe. Now their stop in Russia introduces the Italian composer and singer Paolo Conte to the Moscow audience. Contes music is simple but its this simplicity that contributes to the charm of his music. His songs are very sincere and frank, you can also laugh and move.

Though Nardi finds something different, something that speaks to her, that is meaningful to her. Nardis interpretations are truly impossible to ignore.

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